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Dry Ice Production Equipment

Dry Ice production machines & containers

Which dry ice pelletiser to choose?

All the CRYONOMIC® dry ice production machines are hydraulically driven and they can all produce crystal-hard dry ice of different diameters: 3mm pellets are used for cleaning & 10 and 16mm sticks are used for cooling, cooled transport (catering, medical products, etc) and other processes. The choice of a dry ice production machine depends on how much kg dry ice you need per hour or per week. Send us this information via the contact form and we’ll be pleased to send you more information or a personalised quotation for the pelletiser.

Looking for Dry Ice containers?

We offer a range of sizes of hygienic and rust proof dry ice containers

Dry Ice Production Machines

  • Production capacity: up to 35 kg/h
  • Dimensions (mm): 1000 x 400 x 830 
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • Extruders: 3 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm
  • Production capacity: up to 100kg/h
  • Dimensions (mm): 1000 x 705 x 1035
  • Weight: 310kg
  • Extruders: 3mm, 10mm and 16mm
  • Production capacity: up to 180kg/h
  • Dimensions (mm): 1380 x 710 x 1785 
  • Weight: 530 kg
  • Extruders: 3mm, 10mm, 16mm
  • Production capacity: up to 320kg/h
  • Dimensions (mm): 1600 x 830 x 1805 
  • Weight: 800kg
  • Extruders: 3mm, 10mm, 16mm

Dry Ice Containers

The CRYONOMIC® Isolated Containers (CIC) are very well-isolated thermoplastic boxes.

They have been designed for the storage and transport of dry ice and are of course also well suited to keep other products cool.

The containers are made with an isolation technique that assures a perfect attachment of the isolation with the inner and outer walls of the container. Even in contact with low temperatures of dry ice the walls will not deform.


The strong and hygienic CIC-series combines the quality and hygiene of the monobloc structure in polyethylene with the use of metal components realised in stainless steel.

  • Hygienic silicone seal
  • Rust proof
  • Depth of the container at the inside is not too high, allowing every user to empty the dry ice from the bottom without problems
  • Compact and easy to move within your company
  • Closures and hinges do not come out of the walls
CIC 300.03 blue container filled with dry ice pellets
CRYONOMIC® Isolated Container CIC151 - Dry Ice Storage Container


  • The second smallest container in our product range
  • Delivered as standard on wheels (4 pivoting wheels of which 2 with brakes)
  • Storage capacity: 125 kg dry ice
  • Empty weight: 49 kg
CRYONOMIC® Isolated Container CIC370 - Dry Ice Storage Container


  • Most popular container in our product range
  • Lid opening assisted by gas springs, prevents accidential closure of the lid
  • Available on wheels or on pallet
  • Storage capacity: 300 kg dry ice
  • Empty weight: 85 kg
CRYONOMIC® Isolated Container CIC550 - Dry Ice Storage Container


  • The largest container in our product range
  • Lid opening assisted by gas springs, prevents accidential closure of the lid
  • Standard delivered on a pallet making the containers perfectly stackable.
  • Storage capacity: 440 kg dry ice
  • Empty weight: 100 kg
CRYONOMIC® Isolated Container CIC33 - Dry Ice Storage Container


  • The smallest container in our product range
  • Storage capacity: +26 kg dry ice
  • Empty weight: 14 kg
CRYONOMIC® Isolated Container CIC65 - Dry Ice Storage Container


  • Storage capacity: +52 kg dry ice
CRYONOMIC® Isolated Container CIC91 - Dry Ice Storage Container


  • Storage capacity: +73 kg dry ice

Dry Ice Repacker

Are you looking for a solution to automatically repack produced dry ice in small boxes?

The CRYONOMIC® dry ice repacker (DIR-550) is invented to repack bulk produced dry ice into smaller doses and replaces the heavy job of manually filling. This repacker has an integrated balance that weights the actual weight during filling (filling stops if the programmed weight is reached). One of the most important advantages of the CRYONOMIC® dry ice repacker, besides the replacement of the manually filling job, is that the operator has the time to close and label other boxes while the second one is being filled. This results in more than 50% time saving and no more manual lifting for your staff.

Production Packing Machine for Dry Ice Products


Dry ice being poured into a box

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