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Dry Ice for

Airline Catering

Dry Ice is commonly used in the airline catering industry to keep meals fresh and safe for consumption during flights.

With its unique ability to maintain a cold temperature for an extended period of time, Dry Ice can keep chilled meals and beverages at the right temperature and prevent bacteria growth. The Dry Ice is packed alongside the food in insulated containers, and its sublimation process creates a cooling effect that can last for hours.

This method is particularly essential for long-haul flights where perishable items need to be transported over extended periods without access to refrigeration. Moreover, the use of Dry Ice also allows airlines to provide passengers with a wider range of food options, including fresh salads, fruits, and sushi.

Reasons to use Dry Ice for Airline Catering

  • Prevents bacteria growth
  • Suitable for long-haul flights
  • Opens up a wide range of food options for passengers
  • Cost-effective