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Blasting for

Printing and Packaging

In the printing and packaging industry, where precision and cleanliness are key to quality and efficiency, dry ice blasting provides an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

In the dynamic world of printing and packaging, maintaining equipment efficiency and product quality is crucial. Dry ice blasting has emerged as a versatile cleaning method, utilising solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets to meticulously remove contaminants, ink residues, and coatings from intricate machinery and surfaces. This technique plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation and high standards of the printing and packaging industry.

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Blasting uses for Printing and Packaging

  • Cleaning presses and associated equipment such as drums, grippers and rollers, ink trays, gears, print decks and guides
  • Removing paper dust
  • Removing hot melt adhesive and glue.

Recommended Blasting Equipment for Printing and Packaging