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Uses for Dry Ice

There are a variety of dry ice uses for both domestic and commercial users.

Various examples are listed below – click through to learn more.

Dry Ice is commonly used in the Airline Catering industry to keep meals fresh and safe for consumption during flights. Dry Ice can maintain a cold temperature for an extended period of time keeping chilled meals and beverages at the right temperature and preventing bacteria growth. Find out more!

Dry Ice is an ideal material for Cold Grinding or Cryogenic Grinding, a process that involves reducing the size of materials by exposing them to dry ice or liquid nitrogen at extremely low temperatures. Find out more about our competitive pricing options!

Freeze Branding is a technique used to identify livestock by applying a very cold branding iron directly to their skin. The use of Dry Ice for Freeze Branding is an effective and humane way of identifying livestock that is gaining popularity among farmers and ranchers. Make the switch today!

Dry Ice is an essential element in the process of Freeze Drying, a method used to preserve materials such as food, pharmaceuticals, and biological samples. During the Freeze Drying process, the material is frozen, and then the air around it is evacuated, causing any frozen water to sublimate into a gas. Try Dry Ice UK today!

Ensure that your Pharmaceuticals are kept at the proper temperature for preservation and analysis. Dry Ice is guaranteed to prevent any degradation or contamination of your samples even during long-distance transportation. Save time and money today by switching to Dry Ice!

Dry Ice can reach temperatures as low as -78.5 °C, significantly colder than conventional ice or water, this versatility makes Dry Ice the perfect material for Shrink Fitting. Additionally, Dry Ice sublimates into a gas, leaving no residue and making the Shrink Fitting process cleaner and easier.

Dry Ice is commonly used to create Special Effects that add a touch of magic and intrigue to various performances. Dry Ice’s distinct properties make it ideal for creating a smoky, foggy effect that can be used in a variety of settings from stage productions to film and television shoots. Place an order today!

Dry Ice is a popular and cost-effective solution for storing temperature-sensitive goods such as food, medical supplies, and pharmaceuticals throughout the shipping and distribution process. Not yet using Dry Ice? Try our dependable shipping solution today!