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In the foundry industry, where metal quality and production efficiency are of the utmost importance, Dry Ice Blasting stands out as a versatile and effective cleaning solution.

Within the foundry industry, where precision and cleanliness are vital for quality metal production, Dry Ice Blasting has gained prominence as an advanced cleaning technology. This method utilises solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets to meticulously remove contaminants, residues, and coatings from intricate metal components and surfaces, ensuring optimal production conditions and high-quality end products.

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Blasting uses for Foundaries

  • Dry ice blasting effectively cleans moulds and cores, removing residual sand, binders, and other contaminants. This leads to improved casting quality and dimensional accuracy.
  • Dry ice blasting can be utilised to remove excess gating materials and flash from castings, achieving precise and clean final products.
  • Cleaning intricate patterns, core boxes, and tooling is crucial for maintaining casting precision. Dry ice blasting efficiently removes residual binders and sand, ensuring consistent mould quality.
  • Furnaces and crucibles can accumulate refractory materials and slag. Dry ice blasting effectively removes these deposits, ensuring optimal thermal performance and metal quality.

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