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Dry Ice for

Shrink Fitting

Dry Ice is a commonly used material in the process of shrink-fitting.

This involves the use of a cold material placed around an object, which contracts due to the cold temperature, making it easier to fit or remove parts. In the case of shrink fitting, Dry Ice is used to create a temporary thermal contraction of the metal parts. The Dry Ice causes the metal to contract, getting smaller in its dimensions, which allows it to be easily fitted onto another object with greater accuracy.

Dry Ice is the ideal solution for shrink-fitting since it can reach a temperature of -78.5 °C, which is much colder than regular ice or water. Additionally, Dry Ice sublimates into a gas, leaving no residue and making the process cleaner and easier. Shrink fitting with Dry Ice is an efficient and cost-effective way of fitting or removing metal parts, used in various industries, including automotive, engineering, and construction.

Reasons to use Dry Ice for Shrink Fitting

  • Can reach temperatures of -78.5 °C
  • Sublimates into a Gas
  • Efficient
  • Cost-effective