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Blasting for

Aerospace, Rail and Marine

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly powerful cleaning for aerospace, rail and marine sectors. Dry Ice is an affordable solution for your industry’s cleaning needs.

Dry ice blasting, a cutting-edge cleaning technology, has gained significant traction in various industries, including aerospace, rail, and marine sectors across the United Kingdom. This non-abrasive and environmentally friendly method employs solid carbon dioxide (CO2) pellets, commonly known as Dry Ice, to effectively remove contaminants, coatings, decals and residues from surfaces without causing damage.

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Blasting uses for Aerospace, Rail and Marine

  • Removing decals and aircraft identification markings prior to re-badging
  • Restoration of historical aircraft and renovation of airframes
  • Cleaning of turbine engines, fan blades and aircraft landing gears and routine maintenance cleaning of runway guiding lights
  • Cleaning of locomotives and rolling stock and for the removal of graffiti from wagons and railway infrastructures
  • For removing anti-fouling and existing paint on boat hulls before re-painting as well as for the general maintenance of marine engines.

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