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Dry Ice for

Pharmaceutical Distribution

Dry Ice is a popular solution for maintaining the integrity of pharmaceuticals during shipping and distribution.

The use of Dry Ice ensures that the samples remain at the appropriate temperature required for preservation and analysis, preventing any degradation or contamination of the samples. Many pharmaceutical companies rely on Dry Ice as a cost-effective and reliable solution, particularly for samples that require transport over long distances.

The Dry Ice is typically placed in insulated packaging, which helps to protect the samples from temperature fluctuations and provides an extra layer of security during the transport process. Using Dry Ice offers a hassle-free and secure way of transporting pharmaceutical samples, ensuring that they reach their intended destination in optimal condition.

Reasons to use Dry Ice for Pharmaceutical Distribution

  • Prevents degradation and contamination of samples
  • It’s inexpensive and cost-effective compared to alternative solutions.
  • Hassle-free and secure
  • Suitable for long-distance shipping.