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Blasting for

Food Production

Effectively decontaminating surfaces due to the low temperature of dry ice, Cryonomic cleaning is compliant to HACCP requirements meeting EPA, USDA and FDA guidelines.

Significantly faster and more efficient for removing all baked-on, carbon deposits from cooker ovens, creeper canopies, fat fryers and the cleaning of fire suppression heads in deep fat fryer canopies. Cleaning of dough mixers, totes, continuous conveyor ovens and drive chains, to the removal of general processing wastes from all types of production equipment.

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Blasting uses for Food Production

  • Dry ice blasting efficiently cleans conveyor belts, removing food residues, oils, and debris that can accumulate during processing. This ensures a clean and uncontaminated surface for food transportation.
  • Ovens and cookers often develop stubborn grease and carbon buildup, which can affect food quality and even pose fire risks. Dry ice blasting effectively removes these residues, ensuring a safe and sanitary cooking environment.
  • Packaging lines can become contaminated with food particles, oils, and adhesives. Dry ice blast cleaning provides a non-abrasive and thorough method to keep these surfaces clean and compliant with food safety regulations.
  • Dry ice blasting can clean freezer and refrigeration units without requiring extensive defrosting. It removes ice buildup, mould, and bacteria, ensuring food storage conditions remain optimal.

Recommended Blasting Equipment for Food Production