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Blasting for

Nuclear and Power Generation

Dry Ice Blasting’s ability to carefully clean without causing damage or leaving harmful residues makes it a crucial tool for maintaining the performance and safety of nuclear and power facilities.

In the world of nuclear and power generation, keeping things clean and functioning smoothly is essential. Dry Ice Blasting has emerged as a smart solution, using solid carbon dioxide (dry ice) pellets to carefully clean surfaces and crucial parts. This method helps get rid of dirt, residues, and coatings, ensuring that nuclear and power facilities stay reliable, safe, and efficient.

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Blasting uses for Nuclear and Power Generation

  • General nuclear decontamination
  • Cleaning of HRSG gas turbines, heat exchangers, transformers and substations
  • Stator-rotor installations, switchboards and cabinets including ‘live’ electrical components.

Recommended Blasting Equipment for Nuclear and Power Generation