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CIP-5M Dry Ice Production Machine

Medium dry ice production machine

The CIP-5M is the second largest dry ice production machine in our assortment.

With its capacity to produce up to 180 kg dry ice per hour (350 lbs/h), it is the must have pelletiser for companies that have different dry ice blasting machines, for companies who are active in cooled transport, etc.


  • Production capacity: up to 180kg/h
  • Dimensions (mm): 1380 x 710 x 1785 
  • Weight: 530kg
  • Extruders: 3mm, 10mm, 16mm
Dry Ice Production Machine CIP-5M by Cryonomic

Diameter dry ice pellets

CIP-5 pelletisers can be delivered with different extrusion dies. The pelletiser can produce 3 mm dry ice pellets for cleaning and 10 or 16 mm dry ice sticks for cooling and other applications. Switching from pellets/sticks can be done in a few minutes!

The CIP-5M pelletiser offers a versatile and economical solution for producing your own high density dry ice.

The CRYONOMIC® hydraulic pelletiser with a silent motor, fed by liquid CO2 from a pressurised tank, turns the liquid into CO2 snow, which is then compressed to form solid pellets.

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