COB Dry Ice Blasting Machine

The Cryonomic COB dry ice blasting machine series was originally designed predominantly for use with factory air (7bar). A single hose system for focalised and medium sized cleaning. Combining high performance with low air consumption, together with light and easy manipulation. With integrated patented Cryonomic® dry ice cleaning technology. Each dry ice blast machine offers unequalled performance even in the most challenging circumstances.

Cryonomic Dry Ice Cleaning

The COB62 is unique in cryonomic dry ice cleaning technology. With the larger COB62 Plus, a measured amount of abrasive can be added into the dry ice stream for more aggressive cleaning. Such as for removing rust, paint and in preparing a surface for re-coating. Via an adaptive, optional module that can either piggy-back on, or standalone of the blast unit. The best product to use with this COB dry ice blasting machine is our 3mm dry ice pellets, to give the very best finished result.

The COB dry ice blasting machine series consists of 2 types of robust and compact single hose blaster:

  • COB 62
  • COB 62Plus

Both of these Cryonomic dry ice blast machines have blast pressure regulators, nanometers, and compressed air inlets. They also have options for dry ice or air-only blasting, depending on your requirements. The quick-fit nozzles can be changed within seconds, without the need for any external tools. The handle is also ergonomic, shockproof and thermoplastic for easy and environmentally-friendly blast cleaning.


  • Complete stainless steel chassis.
  • Outer dimensions 380mm x 570mm x 890mm
  • Weight: 66kg
  • Intuitive control panel with emergency stop and on/off buttons.
  • Robust industrial grade, single touch buttons. Controlling dry ice feed rate and gun light illumination.
  • Blast pressure regulator and manometer.
  • Soft start and start safety protocols
  • Dry ice or air-only blasting.
  • Specially designed ultra-light, easy-to-handle MG1004 gun.
  • Fast and easy quick release couplings.
  • 4 heavy duty wheels for easy movement, with 2 braked wheels for stability.

Options and Accessories

Cryonomic® gun light

  • Clear white spot on the object
  • Plug-in (no additional cable)
  • Fast nozzle switching without Gun light removal
  • Adjustable intensity: to avoid surface reflection

Variety of Cryonomic® NT nozzles

  • High performance nozzles for any circumstance
  • Changed within seconds: no tools required
  • Models: round, flat, angled, custom made
  • Length: from 55mm up to 1m and more
  • Available in stainless steel, aluminium or thermoplastic
  • Special low air consumption nozzles (<1m³/min up to 4bar)

Compact ‘all-in-one’ nozzle and accessory box

  • Contains commonly used round, flat and angled nozzles
  • In-line pellet crusher
  • Optional spare parts set

In-line pellet crusher

  • Crushes dry ice pellets for cleaning delicate surfaces and objects
  • Easy to mount at either machine or gun
  • Nozzle independent: can be used with every nozzle design

Electrically isolated MG1003 blast gun

  • To clean live (low- to mid- voltage) equipment
  • Full plastic isolated gun for applications. Where non-conductive tooling is a safety requirement

Abrasive Module (COB62Plus)

  • Combines the benefits of dry ice and abrasive blasting
  • A stainless steel module easily mountable at the front of the blaster unit
  • Additional abrasive granulate hose
  • Special abrasion resistant nozzle. Allowing a controlled quantity of abrasive in the dry ice stream

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