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Here at Dry Ice UK Ltd, we recognise today’s environmental challenges for sustaining the worlds’ ecological balance and for the reduction of greenhouse gases. We readily accept our social responsibilities for reducing carbon emissions and honour to play our part in fighting global warming.

We believe our social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with commercial opportunities and we draw inspiration from finding simple, yet vital solutions to our customers’ requirements. By working closely with our customers and developing an understanding of their operational needs we are able to focus on delivering the best overall solutions whilst minimising any environmental impact that may arise either through the use, storage or disposal of any of our products.

Greenhouse Gases

As well as occurring naturally, carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere through the burning of fossil fuels; solid wastes, such as trees and wood products, and as the result of other chemical reactions occurring during manufacturing processes.

Carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere (or “sequestered”) when it is absorbed by woodlands, forests, flora and agricultural plants as part of the biological carbon cycle.

Alternative Energy

Consumption of fossil fuels to meet energy demands continues to increase. Conversely, fossil fuel resources are beginning to run out.

Many experts believe the answer lies in biomass and bio-fuels as alternative energy sources. Biomass is part of the carbon cycle. It is a term for all organic material that comes from plants, animals or humans.

Biomass sources that produce bio-energy are therefore diverse and include organic waste streams, agriculture and forestry residues, as well as crops grown specifically to produce heat, fuels and electricity.

Mineral Fertiliser

With the concern that the world may be running out of agricultural land through factors such as erosion, land conversion and population growth, it is not only imperative to increase yield on the limited land available but also to cultivate that which in the past could not sustain crops.

Combined with other developments such as plant breeding, plant protection products, cultivation techniques and the use of irrigation, mineral fertilizers are key to maximising crop growth and for sustaining high-yield agriculture particularly in countries where the food-ecology balance is most precarious.

As the number one global supplier of mineral fertilizer and agronomic solutions our manufacturing partner is not only helping to provide food for world consumption but also the use of these products support crops to convert solar energy (“photosynthesis”) into extra Biomass encouraging the production of alternative energy sources.

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