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Cereal production equipment cleaning with dry ice blasting

Products used:  3mm Dry Ice Pellets
Service delivered:  Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

Products used:  COB62PLUS Blast Unit
Service delivered: 
Operator Training

Customer/Project background:
A leading national supplier of cereals & cereal products.

The Challenge:
Historically the clients production equipment and case mixers cleaned were cleaned by hand using scrapers, wire brushes and additional water jetting. This was an extremely labour intensive process taking more than a full working shift to remove all traces of product which impacted product changeover and also maintenance programmes.

The Solution:
Following an initial site meeting and survey, Dry Ice UK carried out a complementary on site demonstration & test clean to prove the performance. Initially the client contracted Dry Ice UK to carry out a series of full cleans to further evaluate the process within the production and maintenance cycles utilising our extensive range of equipment, experienced & knowledgeable operatives as well as our thorough and documented working processes and OH&S documentation. The contract cleans delivered a superior level of cleaning in less than 1/4 of the normal time taken.

Due to the overwhelming success of the contract cleans as well as further opportunities to enhance their maintenance processes elsewhere, the client chose to bring the process ‘in-house’. Dry Ice UK support the entire process from the equipment purchase, staff operational and maintenance training and documentation. We now supply 3mm high density dry ice blasting pellets to support their weekly cleaning & maintenance programmes, and Dry Ice UK is always on hand to support our client should any need arise.

Cereal / Grain Machine in a food production facility which has been cleaned with Dry Ice Blasting techniques