410g Dry Ice Slices

As the smallest size of all our dry ice slices, 410g dry ice slices are extremely versatile and adaptable.


The dimensions of the individual slices measure 2cm x 10.5cm x 12.5cm (approx.).

Thanks to their small size and compact nature, 410g dry ice slices are used in a broad range of applications but are predominantly used for:

Storage and Transportation
Temperature Controlled Product Distribution
Airline Catering

What quantities are available?

The minimum order for 410g dry ice slices is 1,000kg. There is no maximum order, so we can provide you with whatever quantity you need (in increments of 4.92 kg), delivered for when you need it!

How are they packed?


Twelve individual 410g dry ice slices are packed and ‘banded’ together so they can be easily transported and separated out for use as and when you need them.

For your convenience, each dry ice slice comes individually wrapped within a sleeve for easy handling.

All our 410g dry ice slices are manufactured to order and are packed to each customer’s specific requirements.

To ensure that the product is delivered in optimum condition, 410g slices are packed within specially designed bulk containers, These containers deliver market leading thermal performance, boasting many benefits including being ergonomic, lockable, stackable and manufactured totally from food-safe materials.

How are they delivered?

Bulk orders of 410g dry ice slices are dispatched directly from the manufacturing plant and delivered to you the next working day*, utilising a fleet of dedicated vehicles**. This delivery method requires a suitable hard-standing for the vehicle and offloading. If you do not have a forklift truck, just tell us at the time of ordering and we will ensure the vehicle has a tail-lift, and the driver will be pleased to off-load for you and site the container with his trolley jack. Likewise, if there are any other specific requirements for your delivery, just tell us when you place your order and we will make the necessary arrangements.

How do I order 410g dry ice slices?

Ordering is fast and simple, just telephone for free on 0800 0842 040 and let us know your requirements, we’ll do the rest. Alternatively, email us at info@dryiceuk.com and we’ll get straight back to you. To guarantee next working day delivery*, place your order by 10.45am.

We can deliver to single or multiple locations, provide a single one-off delivery or deliver to you every day, 7 days a week. We also offer special delivery options like early deliveries, timed deliveries and weekend deliveries. Just tell us what you need, we are happy to help. We believe anything is possible, so if you have an emergency and need your product sooner (even on the same day!), let us know and we’ll do everything we can to help!


> Storage and Transportation
> Temperature Controlled Product Distribution
> Airline Catering


500S Container
116cm x 78cm x 99cm high
Up to 500kg (100 x 4.92kg packs)

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