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Automated Grit Blaster

Dry Ice grit blasting equipment for automated surface treatment


  • 2 x Dry ice blaster Model COB71A CRYONOMIC®, remote controlled with hopper level detection and pellet flow detection.
  • 2 x CRYONOMIC® robot gun + abrasive adapter +abrasive nozzle
  • 1 x Abrasive Module XL with 2 independent abrasive feeders.
  • 1 x custom built, sound insulated, blast booth + air ventilation/filtration + overhead lifting equipment for loading/unloading axles.
  • 1 x custom built axle cleaning lathe with blast gun (linear) and axle (rotation) manipulation.
  • 1 x CO2 concentration level monitor.
  • 1 x central PLC system controlling the blasters, abrasive feeders and axle cleaning lathe.

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Automated Dry Ice Grit Blaster

Installation with 2 moving blasting guns

Cryonomic Automated Dry Ice Grit Blaster

Abrasive module XL

Pipework being cleaned by an automated Dry Ice Grit Blaster

Partially blasted and obviously roughened!