Dry Ice Shipping

Dry ice is the perfect solution when carrying out temperature controlled shipping. It is able to maintain frozen temperatures of up to 50 degrees. Dry ice also turns directly from a solid into a gas – so no messy liquid to deal with. Dry ice shipping is the best way to transport pharmaceutical goods as well as other products.

Regulations For Dry Ice SHipping

If you are carrying out dry ice shipping via air, you will need to check with airlines ahead of time. All airlines have different specific procedures. There are some general dry ice shipment regulations to be aware of though:

  • The amount of dry ice is limited to 5 pounds or less per parcel
  • Shipments containing dry ice must carry a hazardous material warning label
  • Shipments containing dry ice must be clearly labelled with ‘Carbon Dioxide solid’

When using dry ice for shipping, you need to calculate the quantity required to maintain the exact temperature throughout the entire shipment (factoring in any delays etc. too). Our technical support team here at Dry Ice have elite industry knowledge and provide advice on cool chain design, and offer a temperature mapping & validation service.

Dry Ice UK Ltd guarantee next day nationwide delivery. If you are making a last minute decision to carry out dry ice shipping, contact us for a bespoke quote today.


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