Kinder to the environment

Environmental concerns are serious business. Dry ice blasting is an environmentally-friendly, cleaning method that can help any organisation improve their environmental impact.

Carbon Dioxide (CO²) is a naturally occurring gas which serves many life sustaining purposes. It is also a natural bi-product of several industrial manufacturing processes such as fermentation and petrochemical refining. The CO² given off during these processes is captured, purified and stored until needed. Liquid carbon dioxide is the source of all dry ice products.

With a low temperature of -79°C, solid dry ice has an inherent thermal energy ready to be tapped. At atmospheric pressure, solid CO² sublimates directly to vapour without a ‘liquid’ phase meaning that the dry ice blast medium simply disappears, leaving only the original contaminant to be disposed of. Because there is no water involved, dry ice blasting is the safer, practical alternative for cleaning in the vicinity of electrical sources.

Environmental facts about dry ice blasting

  • Dry ice blasting is safe to use with food processing equipment
  • Dry ice blasting does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere
  • Dry ice blasting does not generate secondary waste
  • Dry ice blasting is safe and non-toxic
  • Dry ice blasting reduces or eliminates employee exposure to (and corporate liability from) the use of dangerous chemical cleaning agents

Other cleaning methods can be toxic

  • Sand, soda, or water blasting can leave toxic secondary waste to be cleaned up in addition to the toxic substrate
  • Sand, soda, or water blasting can create downstream contamination that effects surrounding installations
  • Soda blasting can kill surrounding vegetation
  • Chemical and solvent cleaning methods are toxic, which creates toxic waste to be disposed of
  • Workers are exposed to potentially harmful substances through the use of chemicals and solvents

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