Temperature Controlled Shipping

Whatever your market  dry ice can be a more cost-effective and flexible alternative to mechanical refrigeration. Whether you are storing or distributing frozen products, chilled goods, or even pharmaceutical products.

Many transporters rely on temperature controlled shipping, allowing for varying temperatures to be maintained.

How is dry ice great for shipping?

Dry ice is capable of maintaining frozen temperatures from 0°C down to -50°C. Like mechanical refrigeration, it is highly controllable, being able to maintain chill temperatures of between 2°C and 8°C. The perfect solution for temperature controlled shipping! Unlike mechanical refrigeration, dry ice requires virtually no maintenance along with being very straightforward and cheap to use.

Dry ice is only suitable for shipping frozen goods as it will freeze everything in the box. Which is great if that is what you are wanting. If you need to extend the temperature controlled shipping duration for a further few days, we would recommend using a combination of dry ice, along with gel packs.

How much dry ice do I need?

As a rule of thumb, we would advise 2.5kg – 5kg of dry ice slices for every 24 hour period. Our 1kg dry ice slices are the most suitable, combined with our 500g dry ice slices to make up the additional weight.

The other main advantage of using dry ice for temperature controlled shipping is that temperatures can be monitored easily from pickup to delivery. For frozen goods, dry ice is the perfect solution. We have an extensive range of dry ice products in stock, with guaranteed next day delivery! From pellets, to slices and blocks we have you covered.

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If you are looking for a temperature controlled shipping method, we really would advise you using dry ice. It is so simple, and cost-effective. Our expert technical support team are on hand to provide extensive industry knowledge. We also offer a temperature mapping & validation service to run through the hot and cold spots of your particular products.

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