Contract Cleaning

An alternative to carrying out your own blast cleaning is to call in our cost-effective and efficient contract cleaning services.

Our highly skilled, trained and experienced technicians use the latest in Cryonomic® technology to deliver a professional customer-focussed service.

First we’ll carry out a preliminary site study to identify your exact needs. This way we can design and tailor the cleaning operation to produce the best results whilst minimising process disruption and costly downtime.

We can handle any dry ice blasting project and are more than happy to conduct cleans to suit production shutdowns whether late evening, overnight or at weekends.

Prior to every contract we submit a detailed Risk Assessment, Statement of Work and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for solid carbon dioxide ensuring you are fully aware of how the process works.

Operating from two geographical locations, our contract cleaning services are available across the UK. It is important for us to deliver total customer satisfaction, delivering an efficient, responsive and cost-effective solution. This is why, on completion, customers are invited to inspect our work for performance and quality.

How to order

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