Dry Ice Pelletiser

The dry ice pelletiser series offers a versatile and economical solution for producing your own dry ice.  The pelletiser is a hydraulically operated and is delivered as standard with a 3mm extrusion die. Ideal for producing dry ice pellets for blast cleaning purposes.

Benefits of a dry ice pelletiser

Our range of dry ice pelletisers make production of dry ice pellets quick, easy and convenient. This allows dry ice pellets to be created on demand, when you require them. The dry ice is compressed using a high-performance hydraulic press. Therefore yielding the perfect hardness and density. The pellets produced are ideal for blast cleaning.

The main benefit of producing your own dry ice pellets is that they stay a lot fresher. Therefore, they provide a much better performance for dry ice blasting. Produce pellets as required, putting production into your own hands. As your demand grows, you can easily upgrade the capacity.



  • 2mm and 3mm dry ice pellets can be used for blast cleaning applications
  • 10mm,16mm and 19mm are perfect for general cooling applications
The pelletiser is available in 4 different configurations and designed to meet specific production requirements.

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No-one knows more about dry ice than Dry Ice UK. As the UK’s leading supplier of dry ice products and related services, we offer a vast range of dry ice products to suit a broad number of applications.

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