COMBI Dry Ice Blast Machine

The seventh generation of COMBI dry ice blast machine continues the market dominant position. Using the proven successful technology as seen in the smaller COB dry ice blasting machine, but with added versatility. Affording the highest cleaning performance for every imaginable application. The COMBI dry ice machine takes things to the next level.

COMBI Series ICE BLAST MACHINE Specifications

Setting the benchmark even higher, the COMBI can be used as either a one-hose unit or a two-hose blaster. Using it as a one-hose unit gives it the same practicalities as the COB dry ice blasting machine. Dual hose applications provide significantly faster performances for large scale ‘industrial’ cleaning. Allowing the ability to work at long distances (hose length up to 100m). Abrasive blast cleaning can also be conducted with this unit. To date, no other dry ice blast machine manufacturer can offer such versatility!

The COMBI series can be used in 3 different set-ups. Each have specific applications:

  • One-hose – focalised and medium scaled cleaning. Light and easy manipulation
  • Dual hose – fast performance for large scale or industrial cleaning. With the ability to clean at long distance (up to 100m)
  • Dry ice abrasive blasting – combining both dry ice and a minimum amount of abrasive agents. Used for removing paint, rust and for surface roughening before re-coating

There are also one-hose and two-hose guns available for the COMBI dry ice blast machine which are quick-fit. The nozzles can be turned in any desired position. This makes handling nice and easy. For more information on the full specification of the COMBI series dry ice blast machine, visit the Cryonomic site. Dry Ice UK are the premium UK suppliers of Cryonomic cleaning products.

For an ice blast machine that delivers top results time and time again. Choose the COMBI dry ice blast machine series for optimum results.


  • Complete stainless steel chassis
  • Outer dimensions: 570mm x 665mm x 876mm
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Hopper: 30kg capacity with advanced pneumatic agitation
  • Intuitive control panel with emergency stop and on/off buttons
  • Robust industrial grade. With single touch buttons controlling dry ice feed rate
  • Gun light illumination, abrasive module selector, remote control activator.
  • Soft start and start safety protocols.
  • Dry ice or air-only blasting.
  • Unique patented self-regulating airlock system.
  • Fast and easy quick release couplings.
  • 2 big wheels for easy movement over uneven ground. And 2 braked wheels for stability.
  • Foldable handle
  • Lifting eyebolts and forklift handle slot

Options and Accessories

Abrasive Module
  • Combines the benefits of dry ice and abrasive blasting
  • A stainless steel module easily mountable at the front of the blaster unit
  • Additional abrasive granulate hose
  • Special abrasion resistant nozzle. Allowing a controlled quantity of abrasive in the dry ice stream
Selection of Cryonomic® NT nozzles
  • High performance nozzles for any circumstance
  • Changed within seconds no tools required
  • Models round, flat, angled, custom made
  • Length available from 55mm up to 2m
Compact ‘all-in-one’ nozzle and accessories box
  • Contains commonly used round and flat nozzles
  • In-line pellet crusher
  • Optional spare parts set
Cryonomic® gun light
  • Clear white spot on the object
  • Plug-in (no additional cable)
  • Fast nozzle switching without gun light removal
  • Adjustable intensity: to avoid surface reflection

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